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Animal Rights In Israel
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Breaking tails, hanging conscious animals, and face electrocution are only a part of the horrors happening on a daily basis at the Dabbach slaughterhouse. Two and a half years after the Adom Adom investigation that shocked Israel, an undercover investigation at Dabbach shows that nothing has changed: The biggest slaughterhouse in Israel, where about half of Israel's calves and lambs are slaughtered, extreme and systematic abuse of animals during their final days alive is routine. >>>
What is the cholesterol content of eggs? Is there a connection between eggs and the diseases of diabetes and heart disease? What is the risk of Salmonella and dioxins found in eggs? A review of the data and studies related to the health consequences of egg consumption. >>>
What is speciesism? In a world in which a single species, humans, dominates over animals of other species and harms them methodically, speciesism is an ideology of force, disrespect, moral blindness, and discrimination – and much more. Ariel Tsovel sketches the general characteristics of the term and points out its complexity >>>
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Intermediate victory for Anonymous >>>
Anonymous Activities and Accomplishments in 2013. Animal rights-related activities reached an unprecedented high in 2013, along with ever increasing media interest. To summarize what we did in 2013, Anonymous presents here some of its main activities, including: undercover investigations, pushing for legislation and enforcement, and promoting veganism. >>>