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Animal Rights In Israel
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The fight against live export, the investigations, the lectures, the big events and the amazing growth of the international Challenge 22+: the successes and major events in our activity over the past year >>>
PETA US and Anonymous for Animal Rights (Israel) have joined forces for a transnational investigation in kosher slaughterhouses in South America. Undercover investigators documented kosher slaughter in Paraguay and obtained footage from slaughterhouses in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, all of whom export beef to Israel. In 2015, Israel imported 66K tons of beef (almost 60% of overall consumption), primarily from South America. >>>
Breaking tails, hanging conscious animals, and face electrocution are only a part of the horrors happening on a daily basis at the Dabbach slaughterhouse. Two and a half years after the Adom Adom investigation that shocked Israel, an undercover investigation at Dabbach shows that nothing has changed: The biggest slaughterhouse in Israel, where about half of Israel's calves and lambs are slaughtered, extreme and systematic abuse of animals during their final days alive is routine. >>>
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Over 3,000 people took to the streets yesterday for the largest animal rights demonstration ever held in Israel. The demonstration was started as an Israeli-led initiative on Facebook, and turned into a global protest with 40 demonstrations simultaneously held in various cities worldwide. For the first time ever, all those acting for animals joined forces: Dog shelter volunteers, cat feeders, anti-vivisection groups and pro-farm animal organisations – as well as many caring citizens from all over Israel. >>>
Anonymous Activities and Accomplishments in 2013. Animal rights-related activities reached an unprecedented high in 2013, along with ever increasing media interest. To summarize what we did in 2013, Anonymous presents here some of its main activities, including: undercover investigations, pushing for legislation and enforcement, and promoting veganism. >>>