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Animal Rights In Israel
Happening now...
During 2016, Anonymous exposed animal abuse investigations on prime time TV. About 17 thousand people signed up for Challenge22+, tens of thousands of teenagers participated in the organization's lectures, we held dozens of advocacy and protest events all over the country and we brought veganism to the Knesset cafeteria. >>>
PETA US and Anonymous for Animal Rights (Israel) have joined forces for a transnational investigation in kosher slaughterhouses in South America. Undercover investigators documented kosher slaughter in Paraguay and obtained footage from slaughterhouses in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, all of whom export beef to Israel. In 2015, Israel imported 66K tons of beef (almost 60% of overall consumption), primarily from South America. >>>
Breaking tails, hanging conscious animals, and face electrocution are only a part of the horrors happening on a daily basis at the Dabbach slaughterhouse. Two and a half years after the Adom Adom investigation that shocked Israel, an undercover investigation at Dabbach shows that nothing has changed: The biggest slaughterhouse in Israel, where about half of Israel's calves and lambs are slaughtered, extreme and systematic abuse of animals during their final days alive is routine. >>>
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