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Animal Rights In Israel
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Images and testimonies from a chick hatchery serving the meat industry. >>>
Over 3,000 people took to the streets yesterday for the largest animal rights demonstration ever held in Israel. The demonstration was started as an Israeli-led initiative on Facebook, and turned into a global protest with 40 demonstrations simultaneously held in various cities worldwide. For the first time ever, all those acting for animals joined forces: Dog shelter volunteers, cat feeders, anti-vivisection groups and pro-farm animal organisations – as well as many caring citizens from all over Israel. >>>
Intermediate victory for Anonymous >>>
Anonymous Activities and Accomplishments in 2013. Animal rights-related activities reached an unprecedented high in 2013, along with ever increasing media interest. To summarize what we did in 2013, Anonymous presents here some of its main activities, including: undercover investigations, pushing for legislation and enforcement, and promoting veganism. >>>
Reactions to the Tnuva slaughterhouse exposé, a week after airtime >>>